Dresden Village | Site Plan Changes Based on Community Input
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Site Plan Changes Based on Community Input

  • 4 stories on Dresden and 3 stories facing Caldwell. Caldwell frontage now has the scaled look of townhomes.
  • Reduced the number of balconies by making all first floor units on Caldwell walk out units with stoops and by eliminating the 4th story on Caldwell.
  • Density – reduced total units from 206 to 194, which reduces density from 60 units per acre to 56.6.
  • Access – changed the access on Caldwell from full retail/residential access to be residential, right exit only. There will be no entrance on Caldwell, further reducing traffic on Caldwell and eliminating cut through traffic.
  • Developer will contribute $20,000.00 to the City of Brookhaven to facilitate traffic improvements at the intersection of Caldwell Road and Green Meadows Lane to prevent cut through traffic into the neighborhoods.
  • Relocated trash, deliveries and loading/unloading from Caldwell to Parkside.
  • Added over ½ acre of public green open space in our pocket park and pedestrian pathway that connects Caldwell to Dresden (which will be a public easement).
  • Designated 2 parallel parking spaces on Dresden for Uber/Taxi (or other transportation drop-off and pick-up).
  • Developer will contribute $5,000.00 to the Ashford Park Community for improvements at Parkside Park.
  • Development will have over 140 publicly accessible paid parking spaces to help provide much needed parking in the area.
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