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Brookhaven Council Approves Dresden Village Mixed-Use Development

By Trey Benton January 25, 2017   Brookhaven Councilmembers voted unanimously Tuesday to approve Dresden Village, a mixed-use development on 3.73 acres along Dresden Drive between Caldwell Road and Parkside Drive. The approval came with 31 conditions. The Council approved the project with 7 for sale townhomes, 169 apartments, 20,700 sq. ft....

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Dresden Village Rezoning Deferred to July

NEWS RELEASE   ATLANTA – SSP Dresden LLC has elected to defer City of Brookhaven Planning Commission and City Council meetings for the rezoning of Dresden Village, a proposed mixed-use project on Dresden Drive, from June to July.   In conjunction with project developers CONNOLLY and Fairfield Residential, SSP Dresden...

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The Post-“Dresden Village development proposed for Dresden Drive”

on: April 15, 2016 in: Categories, City of Brookhaven, Planning and Zoning by: Trey Benton   [caption id="attachment_50504" align="aligncenter" width="700"] Dresden Village facing Dresden Drive. Image: Connolly[/caption]   An application for a new mixed use development located on Dresden Drive, between Caldwell Road and Parkside Drive was filed on April 6th...

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